Being first is not always about being the best – the ISSI story

Industrial customers may not always be the users of the latest memory technology but they often build stable end products that continue to need the same components over many years. However, what is obvious for them is the headache caused by the frequent obsolescence of Drams, Sram and Flash components. Also the issue of part revision changes requiring rapid requalification, particularly for Drams. Industrial Engineers and Buyers are plagued with frequent notices to quickly re-qualify devices or the need to engage in ‘all time buys’. This is primarily caused because the largest producers of memory components are focused on fast moving consumer driven markets, like Mobile and PC.

So how do you choose a memory vendor who will ensure that most of these issues are at least infrequent and hopefully often do not apply at all. Welcome to ISSI.

Their business is built firmly on long term support to the Industrial marketplace, offering the broadest range of memory components, over multiple product ranges. Drams inc. EDO / FPM Dram, Sdram, DDR Dram, DDR2 Dram and DDR3 Dram components. Srams inc. Asynchronous and Synchronous and Flash inc. SPI and Parallel Nor and soon Nand Flash.

However this support is not just for the near future but well into the next decade. MemoTech can supply you ISSI roadmap information by device. This will show time lines for production and, if necessary, future details of any proposed replacement. So Industrial end users can then act in a timely manner to any potential product changes.

Our experience, over our 10 year history with ISSI, is one of a stable, professional supplier to the Industrial customer base. Contact us for further details about a company whose quality and commitment has meant we can give you assurances and peace of mind about your product selection now and into the future.