Cost sensitive SDHC and Micro SDHC cards worthy of being classified as Industrial

There are many customers satisfied with Swissbit’s SD and Micro SD cards.

MemoTech can confirm this, as we have not received a single customer failure. However, their SLC Nand Flash cards can become prohibited for cost sensitive applications, especially for densities of 4GB and above.

The challenge was taken up by Swissbit engineers to offer a competitive product worthy of Industrial applications without a major compromise to performance. With advancements in Nand Flash and controller technology together with their superior firmware that product is now here. Welcome to the new S-40 and S-40u Series SDHC and Micro SDHC cards.

The limitations of MLC Nand Flash and in particular the number of P/E cycles possible have been greatly overcome by clever data care management. These cards have an intelligent read management system together with a background auto refresh procedure. The result is a product competent at working to high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions with superb long term data retention. There is no compromise to speed with up to 24MB/s to read and 11MB/s to write. Together with a Power Failure Protection procedure and, as you would expect, the card will actively deal with the handling of Bad Blocks. Also there is an extensive diagnostic feature set and tools available to the end user.

Densities start from 4GB up to 32GB and are available both to Extended and Industrial temperature ranges. They are supplied with a fixed BOM, guaranteeing the same internal specification and excellent performance time and time again.

So ultimately you will have peace of mind that your read intensive application will be handled efficiently now and well into the future. From a product range that can be classified as probably the first truly Industrial MLC Nand Flash based SDHC card.