Industrial SATA III Solid State Drives

MemoTech is now offering the latest interface for SSD’s for the Industrial marketplace, SATA III (6.0Gb/s) from Swissbit AG. The first form factor available is the popular m-SATA (MO-300A) with a 52 pin PCI Express (PCIe) connection. Densities range from 8GB up to 480GB.

Coded as X-60m it incorporates Toshiba’s 1xnm MLC Nand Flash with advanced Page based Flash management firmware together with the latest 4-channel SATA controller.

m-SATA will be followed by other popular form factors inc. CFast, Slim SATA, and 2.5’’ SATA Drives.

The results are superior performance not only in sequential read and write speeds (525MB/s and 450MB/s) but also by giving the necessary reliability levels that are required for Industrial equipment out in the field of operation.

Customers can be reassured of the quality of this Drive by a comprehensive range of hardware and software features to maximize endurance and robustness. For example, Advanced wear levelling together with bad block management to ensure flash cells are used in the most efficient manner. Also Swissbit’s proven power fail safety feature will help to prevent data corruption in case of sudden power loss. Also the life time monitoring system will allow the user to access information remotely about the remaining available life of the drive and if necessary take relevant action before any potential failure.

As with all Swissbit products this family will have a frozen bill of materials, nothing changes (without prior notice) from the original part you approved to the production quantities you take.

All of the above will ensure, that by choosing Swissbit, the total cost of ownership will be competitive and with a guarantee that performance levels will not be compromised.

Contact us to learn more about this product range and also to have access to Swissbit’s European Application and support team.