Total Cost of Ownership

The selection of a flash storage product involves a variety of decisions. The obvious price and performance, but there are others. So it’s important to ascertain the Total Cost of Ownership.

Think of Total Cost of Ownership being like an iceberg. The headline price represents the small, visible cost you can see above the surface of the water. The majority of the investment actually sits beneath.

Let’s consider product life cycle. For industrial users, whose end products may have an end product life cycle of many years, this can be a major headache. Why? Because many Nand flash and controller manufacturers race ahead the technology curve, chasing mainly the volume consumer market. This can mean a short life cycle and / or sudden obsolescence.

No industrial user wants the added cost and time involved in re-qualifying an important product such as flash storage in a current system.

So choose your flash storage vendor carefully and ask your supplier for roadmap details. MemoTech can give you confirmation of the proposed supply, in years, of your drive.
Give yourself a chance to minimise any future disruption.

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